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5 tips for creating videos that deliver an ROI

Video is a very engaging medium to begin with – there really is nothing like it for communicating and evoking emotion and persuasive content for your audience. However, that doesn’t mean that videos automatically work. Here are five quick tips for ensuring that yours do, from a leading video marketing company in London Base it […]

Why has video marketing become so huge in 2017?

Even just a few months into this year, there are certain things about 2017 that we’d probably all rather do without, whether it’s ‘fake news’, social media political meltdowns or the continued predominance of Brexit in the news headlines. But if there’s one 2017 trend for all manner of companies to be glad about, it’s […]

The power of video marketing to fast track your sales

Businesses both large and small are fighting an increasingly tough battle to grab prospective clients’ attention and mind space, so bombarded are we by information and sales pitches in every aspect of our lives. Video is proving to be the game changer yet many business owners and marketing directors have failed to grasp just how […]

Article Archive

Browse Our Articles By Category & Topic

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