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5 tips for creating videos that deliver an ROI

Video is a very engaging medium to begin with – there really is nothing like it for communicating and evoking emotion and persuasive content for your audience.

However, that doesn’t mean that videos automatically work. Here are five quick tips for ensuring that yours do, from a leading video marketing company in London

Base it on a strong prior marketing strategy

Videos can make a big difference in terms of attracting online business, but they still need a goal and an overarching strategy.

What would you like your viewers to do as a result of seeing your video? What are their pain points? How can you create a video script that compellingly answers those pain points and attracts shares?

Place the emphasis on quality

Videos offer a unique opportunity to engage people – with a human being, for example, who the viewer can relate to in terms of their emotions, words and body language, or with colours, music, imagery… you get the idea.

Don’t miss this opportunity. It’s better to create a small number of well-crafted videos that say all of the things you want to say about your brand in a captivating way, than to churn out endless videos that don’t inspire anybody.

Track your video’s analytics

There are many aspects of your video’s performance that we are sure you will appreciate being able to track, depending on the goal of your video.

You might track video engagement, lead generation, brand awareness, the average number of minutes someone from a certain age or region watches your video, the percentage of your video that is watched… the list goes on.

Keep your videos short

Video length analytics have consistently shown that if you want your viewers to watch your entire video, you need to keep it short.

For tutorial or explainer videos, about 45 to 90 seconds is a good rule of thumb, being just long enough to get your viewers interested in what your product or service does. One to two minutes, meanwhile, is probably best for talking head and testimonial videos featuring three or four different people talking about your service.

Post your videos on multiple platforms

Social media has made such a great difference to how we connect and communicate with each other, and your corporate video can be at the centre of it all.

The use of the right videos on the right social media platforms will give your company a powerful voice, helping to build your professional reputation and drive new business.

In a hectic world, your video could cut through the information overload with impactful messages that couldn’t be made so effectively by any other medium – but of course, it all depends on you taking the right approach.

Contact AdTube, a premier video marketing company in London, today to learn more about exactly what that approach could be for your own firm.




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