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Why has video marketing become so huge in 2017?

Even just a few months into this year, there are certain things about 2017 that we’d probably all rather do without, whether it’s ‘fake news’, social media political meltdowns or the continued predominance of Brexit in the news headlines.

But if there’s one 2017 trend for all manner of companies to be glad about, it’s the continued rise of video marketing.

Engage the right corporate video agency like AdTube, and you can create videos that really answer to your target customers’ emotions and pain points and gets them buying from your brand. But what has made video such a ‘thing’ this year at all?

In truth, video has always been effective

In a world where so much hype exists around the likes of social media marketing (still) and influencer marketing, it seems that video has risen to prominence ‘under the radar’ somewhat.

But that shouldn’t be a big shock, when video is so central to all of our lives. YouTube’s more than one billion users, for example, represents almost one-third of everyone on the Internet.

Video continues to be hugely impactful for marketing purposes, with 87% of online marketers using video content and more than half of marketing professionals worldwide declaring video to be the type of content that produces the best ROI.

So, we know that video works… but what are the things that are making it even more effective so far in 2017?

Facebook has a lot to do with it

The introduction of Facebook Live last year has helped all manner of brands to use video in a way that even more instantly and intimately connects with their target audience.

It has empowered brands to easily provide useful real-time content, including tutorials, tips and more, while enabling the viewer to immediately respond with their thoughts and feedback.

Even ignoring the Live feature, Facebook has become a highly lucrative portal for brands using video, in conjunction with the platform’s thousands of targeting options, to reach the right people.

Talk to AdTube today

With the wider range of ongoing and emerging developments in the world of video including native video ads, video tutorials and even virtual reality, there are a lot of ways for your company to use video content produced in collaboration with ourselves here at AdTube.

Don’t miss out on the dynamic, engaging and impactful marketing form of 2017. Instead, get in touch with our corporate video agency about how the use of video this year could assist in transforming your company’s fortunes.

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