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The most authentic way to showcase delighted clients

Authentic testimonial videos that capture your clients delight

Testimonial videos are the most authentic and dynamic way to capture your clients delight with your products and services and use this as social proof to woo new customers.

Here at AdTube we specialise in creative and compelling video testimonial production, that combines engaging footage of the client consuming your product or service along with positive feedback from them.


Creative & Impactful Video Filming

We will give due consideration to every aspect of the testimonial video from the location reviewing the script with you, to capturing your brand touch points in the most positive light during the filming.

Our experienced and talented team are adept at creating testimonial videos that capture key messages from each testimonial. Showcasing your company in the best possible light.


A Proven
Track Record

We have created compelling testimonial videos for a wide spectrum of clients in the events, training, professional services and retail sectors.

Our clients have been delighted with our creativity, high levels of customer service, technical expertise and the return on investment they have derived from their testimonial videos.


Focused On Your Marketing Needs

All our testimonial video filming services are focused on your sales and marketing needs and the value we can add to your business.

We will work closely with you, planning logistics and creative concepts well before the shoot to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your video production.

Promotional videos across a range of sectors


Restaurant Videos

We've worked with a range of restaurants from small independents to international brands. Our stunning videos will entice prospective customers showing off the unique cuisines and ambience of your restaurant.


Event Videos

We excel in videos for events and exhibitions and have worked with some of the biggest event names in the UK. Our videos are the perfect way to showcase the impact and unique experience of your event


Retail Videos

Your retail business needs to be able to show off your latest products, customer experience and client testimonials in a unique and compelling way and our promotional videos are the best way to do that!


Corporate Videos

As a corporate business, you can take full advantage of the emotional appeal of video by bringing your personality and passion to the screens of prospective clients, grabbing their attention and winning their confidence..

Our work is not limited to these sectors, to find out more

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How promotional videos have boosted our clients business

“AdTube are one of a kind! They listen, adds their own creativity and you get fantastic results! AdTube recently created a video for my company and I must say it was amazing! I had so much fun working with the AdTube team in creating the perfect video. I highly highly recommend if you want a quality video! Thank you so much! ”

Shim Ravalia, Director, Fixed4Sport

We have also worked with

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  • The Business Show
  • Blues Kitchen
  • Takeaway Expo
  • Deliverapp
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Discover how corporate videos can grab attention, influence and persuade!

We will ensure that you business takes full advantage of the power of video by bringing your personality, your passion and your story to the screen of your prospective clients, winning their hearts, minds and confidence in your business.

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